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    Foodie Friday: November Edition


    Dallas has new places popping up every week and I made it a point to try a few of the new ones this month! My motto used to always be eat healthy when eating at home and then eat whatever when eating out, but I should probably re-think that considering how often I go out to eat. We’ll see how that goes 😉 Nevertheless, it was another great month with even greater food:

    img_3152Whisk Crêpes Café: I am a big big fan of this place. I honestly may have liked my savory crepe more than the sweet crepe, but both were outta this world.


    Pie Tap: Behold, my new favorite pizza place in Dallas! Get yourself on over there and gobble down the prosciutto pizza just like yours truly did.

    Cedar Grove: I love breakfast. I love pizza. OBVI I needed the breakfast pizza here and gosh, it was good. Course, I can’t forget about the donut holes we had as an appetizer.


    Velvet Taco: This is one of my favorite taco places in Dallas and I can’t go here without getting the corn! This time, I finally got around to trying the red velvet cake, and now I understand why it’s called Velvet Taco. #blessed


    Woodshed Smokehouse: My friend and I went cray at their brunch buffet and I left needing to put on leggings, if you know what I mean. The brisket was AMAZING, and I’m not even brisket person.

    El Bolero: El Bolero is one of my favorite spots in Dallas because of its vibrant decor, fabulous food and refreshing cocktails. I go here wayyyy too often, so there’s a high possibility I’ll be here too if you go 😉


    Milk & Cream: If you don’t know by now that I love donuts (like really really love), then you have not been paying attention. I have a slightly less known obsession with ice cream, particularly Ben & Jerry’s. Milk & Cream put the two together and I could not be happier!


    Toasted Coffee + KitchenI’ve been wanting a toast place in Dallas for so long, and we finally got one! A little birdie told me they’ll be expanding their menu soon, but it is already worth heading there because it was all amazing! The space is to-die-for, too.


    Time for me to get back on that healthy-eating bandwagon, or else my jeans will become a struggle to button!

    What was the best meal you had all month?

    P.S. If you’re worried about falling sick this holiday season or feeling a bit sluggish, make sure to peep my post on staying healthy!

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