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    Running in Senita Athletics

    senita athletics

    *Photography by Sarah Mecke

    I’m always on the lookout for cute, new workout clothes. The second I get home from work, I’m throwing off my biz profesh outfit and throwing on comfy gear, which usually happens to be athletic attire. And with my marathon training, I’m working out almost every day of the week, which means I have more of an excuse to buy chic athleisure, right?! Enter Senita Athletics.

    running in senita athletics

    I recently stumbled upon the Senita Athletics brand, started by two women in Arizona who saw a need for high quality, stylish athletic wear. And let me tell you, they have successfully filled this void! Senita Athletics sells workout accessories, bottoms, tops and sports bras, all with a stylish flair. I’ve recently been running in the Sarah Sports Bra and I’m so excited to tell you all my opinion.

    running in senita athletics

    What first attracted me to this sports bra is the back pocket to store your phone, or other small accessories. How creative and necessary is that?! While I run with an arm band and won’t be using that pocket during jogs, it’ll for sure come in handy when I go on walks with my friends and need a place to put my phone so that I don’t have to hold it!

    running in senita athletics

    The thick band at the bottom is great for support and the spandex material is ideal to avoid chaffing (a runner’s worst nightmare). Washing this bra is simple as the removable cups help to make it hassle free. Just throw it in the washing machine and you’re good to go!

    Overall, I’m a big fan of the Sarah Sports bra because of the unique back pocket, cute pattern, affordable price and stability it offers. Make sure to look around on their site to see all the other cute offerings they have! I’m loving the Swift Shorts, Pocket Capris and PR Tank.


    Be sure to follow me on Instagram if you aren’t already and be on the lookout for an exciting giveaway with Senita Athletics on Thursday! Use the promo code “molly” to receive a 10% discount on all purchases through August 4!

    Do you normally splurge on workout clothes or are you always searching for cute, affordable fitness lines?

    Special thanks to Senita Athletics for sending me the Sarah Sports Bra. All opinions are my own.

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