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    What to do When You’ve Lost Your Running Mojo

    what to do when you've lost your running mojo

    As an avid runner, I know what it’s like to feel burnt out- it’s the worst! I am going to give you all some tips for what to do when you’ve lost your running mojo.


    I’ve seen a pattern in my running- I sign up for a race and get so excited to start training! As soon as the race is over, I either need to give my body time to heal or I give myself a few weeks off because I just need to take a breather.


    Both of those are totally fine and I definitely took a hiatus after the Portland Marathon due to my knee, but recently I struggled to get back in the groove of running. I’ve been going to workout classes in the morning, but can hardly get myself out and running!


    I don’t know if it is the intimidation of the darkness in the morning or the exhaustion I am feeling, but I just haven’t been able to pull myself out of bed in the morning to go on a run. This past week I finally went running several times and I realized two things: 1. I miss it a lot and 2. I am so out of shape.

    what to do when you've lost your running mojo

    With these two realizations, I am feeling better prepared about gaining my running mojo back. I have identified some of the problem and I am ready to get back into my groove. Keep reading for what to do when you’ve lost your running mojo:


    Take time off

    Don’t force yourself to run five times a week if you’re not looking forward to it. Dedicate a week or two to take off and remind yourself why you started loving it in the first place.


    Switch it up

    I used this past month to try new workouts and while I really did love them all, over time I started to miss running. Hopefully trying new workouts will approve your running once you return, as well!


    Get your diet in check

    This could honestly be where a huge part of my problem lies. I eat everything sweet in sight at work and really need to stop. Once you start taking care of your body and what you’re putting in it, you’ll feel stronger and eager to get out there.


    Sign up for a race

    Sometimes the only motivation you need is the goal of completing a race! Pick something with a date not too far away so that you can fully regain your mojo and then sign up for another race after that to keep you running strong!


    Come up with a plan

    Write out your goals and how often you want to be running. Slowly increase it and make sure you’re writing down that progress!


    I’ve hated not feeling like myself recently and can’t wait to clean up my act and get back to it!

    How do you pull yourself out of a rut like this?