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    Foodie Friday: Dos Jefes

    foodie friday dos jefes

    Place: Dos Jefes

    Location: 2816 Fairmount St, Dallas, TX 75201

    Ordered: “La Catrina” Day of the Dead, Quesadilla Rodado

    foodie friday dos jefes

    When I saw photos of Dos Jefes, I knew I had to go to this place. The busy prints, bright colors and palm trees did the trick and on in I went. I didn’t even know what type of food it was and realized after my meal came that it’s a tapas bar (explains my miniature quesadilla serving size). I’d tell everyone to head over to Dos Jefes just because of the fun design, but I guess I’ll talk about the food too 😉

    foodie friday dos jefes

    I was excited to order the “La Catrina” Day of the Dead drink because it looked fruity and delicious #typical, and grinned even bigger because it came in a skull mug! Worth it right there, fellas. The drink was a bit too strong for my taste, but I am partial towards extremely fruity, sugary drinks.

    foodie friday dos jefes

    The quesadillas exceeded my expectations, which were low because I saw pretty negative reviews of this place. Despite the limited menu offerings, I was very pleased with my order. These ‘dillas have a sweet taste to them that set them apart from other quesadillas and I’d love to have them again!


    Dos Jefes is a great spot to stop at before a night in uptown, or a break in between all your dancing for a little something to keep your energy up!

    Are you a tapas fan?

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