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    5 Cities You CANNOT Miss in Europe

    5 cities cannot miss Europe

    Most of us pop over to Europe for a few weeks, summer trip, or maybe even a semester. Europe has an abundance of vibrant cities to visit, making it hard to know which ones to head to, which is why I am telling you the 5 cities you cannot miss in Europe.

    As my two year anniversary date creeps in on when I studied abroad in Copenhagen, I find myself looking back on that time. It’s crazy how much abroad influences and changes us; especially when there for an extended amount of time! I learned so much about not only myself, but also about cultures around the world. I often daydream about my walks and bike rides along the streets to class and miss that sensation of excitement, peace and wonder.

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    My semester abroad took me to Europe for the first time and I was immediately hooked on traveling to as many places as possible. While there, I somehow made it to 16 countries. I thought I had wanderlust then, but man, I certainly have it now- I miss the days where a new country and culture was just an hour or two away!

    People ask me all the time where my favorite place I traveled to was and of course, my answer is always Copenhagen.

    Copenhagen was my home and I miss it. I miss the hygge, I miss the fashion, I miss the food, I miss the content, happy atmosphere. Surely by now you can guess at least one of the cities on this list! But, in all honesty, I am excited to share with you all the top 5 cities you cannot miss in Europe:

    5 Cities Cannot Miss Europe

    Photo via Sunday Chapter


    Whatever you’ve heard about Amsterdam is probably true. There are literally bicycles EVERYWHERE, there are plenty of “coffee shops” throughout the city, and the Red Light District is er, there and present. But, what you don’t hear about as much is that there is a sense of freedom and pride that can be felt throughout the city. Don’t miss Amsterdam because you’ve heard negative sentiments about the partying and drugs- there is so much more to this magical place and something for everyone. I love Sunday Chapter’s guide to Amsterdam here.


    5 Cities Cannot Miss Europe

    Photo via Polkadot Passport


    Barcelona has so much personality on top of the already vibrant and bustling city. The energy can be felt from the dynamic natives all the way to the crazy architecture to the unbelievable food. Keep your camera out because you will be stunned by the buildings throughout this city. Some of the most gorgeous and creative architecture I have ever seen was in Barcelona, and it was often amidst ordinary-ish buildings. The adorable Polkadot Passport knows what’s up- take a look at her guide here.

    Photo via The Crazy Tourist


    Budapest will always have a special place in my heart because I traveled here for a week with my “core class,” bonding with several of the girls in there that I still talk to today. Cheap and delicious food, intriguing history and easy transportation rank high on the reasons to not miss out on this Hungarian spot; however, don’t you dare come here without experiencing their caves (and the baths afterward!) firsthand. The Crazy Tourist includes a lot of must-see sights in this guide.


    I might be a little biased of course, but Copenhagen hands down deserves a spot on your list. From the high-fashion you’ll spy on Danes with every street you walk, the stunning buildings and architecture, the most phenomenal food and ever-present hygge (think coziness), you can’t afford to miss Cope. Take time to explore the canals (and trampolines in the street!), admire Tivoli and get a cinnamon roll the size of your face at St. Peder’s. Message me if you’re heading there and I’ll tell you all of my faves!


    5 Cities Cannot Miss Europe

    Photo via World of Wanderlust


    I wish I could have had several weeks in Paris rather than several days. We covered so much area in our time there, but there was still so much to see and do. Paris is a walking city and each street brings a new surprise. With cafes, flowers and crepe stands on almost every corner, let yourself wander around to soak up the magic that it holds. Divide your time between main attractions, such as the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre, and hidden gems, which can be found in World of Wanderlust’s post.


    I am constantly thinking about how and when I can get back to Europe. It’s crazy how different my experience abroad would be now vs. then. However, I wouldn’t change anything!

    Have you traveled to Europe before? Where are you wishing you could head to in Europe?