The Perks of Lilee

    perks of lilee

    *Thank you so much to Lilee for sponsoring this post. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

    I LOVE finding the perfect gift for someone, but I usually struggle to find said gift on time…I also love to find great somethings to give to myself because #treatyoself. If you’re like me in these aspects, don’t worry because I got y’all covered! Lilee is making every month a special occasion with their beautiful, thoughtful themed boxes. This beauty and lifestyle service is more than just a box though. Lilee represents the every day woman who falls in love with the perfect lipstick shade, clings to her favorite piece of jewelry from years back, and celebrates the special moments in life. I had such a blast going through the boxes from June, July and August, falling more in love with this company along the way. Keep reading to find out the perks of Lilee:


    Repurpose the box: These ladies went out of their way to make sure you can use this beautiful box again. The logo is plastered on the ribbon you will remove to break into the goodies, but that is the only spot you’ll see it. These boxes are great for storage and gift packaging!

    perks of lilee

    Monthly themes: How FUN are these themes?! I reviewed the June box with an “indie brands” theme, July was cocktails and August was throwback. Sometimes they will announce the upcoming month’s theme on their Instagram, but usually it is pleasant surprise!

    the perks of lilee

    Learn about new brands: Maybe I’m behind, but I had not heard of a lot of the brands included in these three boxes! I recognized a few names, like London Butter, but I can’t wait to go check out other products by the other under-the-radar brands.

    perks of lilee

    Easy gift with no effort: I know I always stress about finding the perfect gift, but Lilee makes this so easy! $50 too much for one gift? Go in on it with a friend and y’all have an impressive & well-thought out gift!

    perks of lilee

    Bang for your buck: I know I know, $50 sounds like a lot at first. But, you would not be able to find this deal anywhere else! Reusable packing, high-quality goods and all put together without any effort by you. Can you really beat that?! They also give a breakdown of the products included and the original prices…a box full of $140 worth of total products, but for $50 sounds like a bargain to me!

    Because I love you all so much, I’m giving y’all a special deal until the end of October. Sign up now with the code MOLLYONTHEMOVE (monthly, four months and yearly options) and receive THIS MANATEA plus four bags of tea. How adorable is this little guy?!

    perks of lilee

    There are countless reasons to love Lilee, especially how this brand encompasses all of us!

    What do you think about Lilee?