10 Reasons to Study Abroad

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My semester abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark, wins for best experience I had in college, hands down. I learned so much that I would have never learned had I stayed on campus in the classroom for that semester, as well as really grew as a person. I discovered which friends were my true friends back home, learned what I seek in my friendships plus saw a whole new side of the world and their way of life compared to ours.

10 reasons to study abroad

It’s crazy for me to look back and think about how scared I was to leave. I was so worried about what I would miss on campus, what would be happening without me. I had so much FOMO (fear of missing out), while in actuality here’s the truth: I missed nothing. Sure, there were birthdays I missed, parties that happened and funny memories everyone has that I’m not a part of, but nothing new that I didn’t have from every other semester of college. What one experiences abroad is something that is truly unforgettable and incomparable to a semester on campus, which is why I’ve listed (just) 10 reasons to study abroad:

1. You’ll grow more independent. It’s inevitable.

2. You’ll learn to appreciate different cultures.

3. You’ll learn to communicate with people who come from different backgrounds.

4. You’ll see the world. 16 countries in 4 months, people.

5. You’ll gain a new perspective.

6. You’ll make lifelong friends. Trust me.

7. You’ll step outside of your comfort zone.

8. You’ll discover new passions.

9. You’ll be more appealing to employers.

10. You’ll fully immerse into a new culture and pick up on a new language.


10 reasons to study abroad

Abroad changes you in a way that is hard to put into words, so if you still have the opportunity, you should go do it and just see!
Have you studied abroad or do you plan to?

10 reasons to study abroad


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