5 Great Spots for Food in Austin

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Each time I go to Austin, I discover new places I am obsessed with. I went this past weekend and wanted to share 5 great spots for food in Austin!


Sometimes, all it takes is one photo of a place and it is on my radar 100 percent. Luckily when this happens for anywhere in Austin, I am close enough where I can satisfy my desire to go there!


After having a short tease of living in Austin (one month to be exact), I fell in love with the city and the people there. One of the best/worst parts of Austin? There are so many restaurants to eat at every time I go!


I have a running list of places I want to go in most cities, but Austin is probably one of the longest. Might have to do with having friends there that post all the fun places they eat at (looking at you, Shelby), but I swear some new adorable place pops up each day there.


great spots for food in austin


After clumping together a few places that I HAD to go to, I drove to Austin and we started our day. Every meal we consumed was scrumptious and amazing and delicious and everything good in life. And yes, we did eat all of this in one day. 5 great spots for food in Austin below:


Hillside Farmacy

This is a classic spot in Austin for brunch, but I never managed to make it there before! I tried to once, but it was so packed I gave up. Hillside Farmacy is worth the wait, though. Their blueberry and brown sugar pancakes gave me LIFE. I love pancakes and these were so. freakin. good. You won’t regret ordering these bad boys!


great spots for food in Austin

Blenders & Bowls

I love me a good acai bowl, and Blenders & Bowls knows how to make a pretty dang good one. Not only is the space beautiful, but also the food is too. They pile everything high in their bowls, so unless you’ve got a pretty big appetite, you won’t need the bigger size.


great spots for food in Austin

Café No Se

Still one of the prettiest restaurants I have ever been to. And their food is always amazing, so it is a win-win. This time around we only got a drink, but of course that was beautiful, as well. Their desserts and sandwiches are my go-to when I actually eat there!


great spots for food in austin


Oh MAN. This was the place that I needed to go to and I needed to go to it ASAP. Luckily, it was as dreamy as I pictured. It’s an eclectic space with bright colors and mix-matched patterns, so of course I am a big fan! Get their queso and make sure to try one of their drinks as well!


great spots for food in austin


I find it almost impossible to not come here every time I arrive in Austin, and I always get the same donut too. Is there anything better in life than a fresh, fried donut topped with marshmallow goop, chocolate icing and brownie bites? Not much is, friends, not much.


If you’re looking for more of my Austin favorite spots, see a guide to the city here.

What cities are like this for you?


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