5 Reasons to Run a Race

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If you’re on the fence about signing up and running a race, I’m here to tell you 5 reasons to run a race!

Even though it isn’t on my list of goals for this year, I may still find myself participating in some type of race. Whether it’s a half marathon, another Tough Mudder, or maybe even a Triathalon, races bring fitness to a whole different level that I think everyone should experience at some point or another J If you’re thinking about taking the plunge and signing up for a marathon, all I have to say is GO FOR IT! It’s the most rewarding, exhilarating, challenging, etc. experience ever and I wish everyone realized that they can indeed run one. You have to commit to it, and if you’re not willing to make sacrifices, then you’re not ready to run one. Simple as that.

The fact that so many races exist is amazing. There’s an option out there for everyone and I only use marathons as my first example because that’s what I know best at this point. I also feel very passionate about people doing them if they’ve ever felt any desire because I hate when people think they can’t –all it takes is dedication and commitment. Anyway, I digress. I love using this website to see what races are happening in the area because it’s extremely easy to navigate.

If you’ve never run a race before, they can be really intimidating. Whether you have a buddy joining you or you’re planning to brave it alone, I promise you have no reason to worry because I can confidently say runners are SO friendly, especially those who participate in races. I was shocked by how nice everyone was around me in the corrals in my first race and nothing has changed since then. There’s no reason to fear doing one solo! Keep reading for my 5 reasons to run a race:

Molly on the Move's reasons to run a race | why you should run a race

Goal setting

I love that there’s a defined time frame you have to get ready and you can lay out a very clear plan on how to meet it. If you’re not much of a goal setter, races are great because they force you to set a goal (even if it’s as simple as finishing it) and you KNOW you must complete actionable steps or else day-of will be awful. They also teach you the pay-off in chasing after a goal.

They help you get out of your comfort zone

Like I mentioned above, you probably feel a bit (or a lot) apprehensive about signing up for a race because of all the unknowns. Races do a great job of getting folks out of their comfort zones because they push what was previously thought to be true. Didn’t think you could run more than one mile? Sign up for a 5k and prove yourself wrong! It might be terrifying, but once you see what you can do, you’ll feel empowered to continue pushing that envelope.

There’s a lot of camaraderie

Runners want other runners to succeed. I mean, I can’t really speak to what they’re like at the elite level, but when you’re out there just for fun, everyone around you wants to see you having the best time! If someone sees you struggling, you’re likely to hear words of encouragement from them. I remember after my second marathon, the Dallas Marathon, a woman told me she was so inspired by me (I was limping HARD CORE, my knee started hurting that race at mile eight) that she tried to keep me in sight and that helped her finish the race! The way runners are looking out for others is incredible.

 Molly on the Move reasons to run a race | why you should run a race

They’re SO much fun

There’s a reason races have gained popularity in recent years. The St. George Marathon in October of 2017 topped my highlights for the year because of how much fun I had. Even if you don’t pick a themed-run, there’s still a plethora of activities and entertainment before, during and after most courses.

Overall health benefits

This may be the most obvious, but I promise you’ll experience more than increased stamina! You’ll start to sleep better, focus better at work and have more energy. I think I’ve noticed these three as my top changes, as well as more toned muscles. I love the process of getting in shape, but I also love knowing that I’m keeping my heart healthy by pounding pavement.


If I haven’t said it enough, I love running and even if you aren’t a runner (yet), you should consider signing up for a race! I promise you won’t regret it. Would you ever run a race? What about a marathon?

  • Caiti

    I love seeing bloggers share what they are passionate about. I have run a couple 5Ks before, even though I don’t consider myself a runner. I would love to complete a half marathon at some point but that’s so intimidating!

    Caiti // caitinicoleblog

  • Ariana

    I love how passionate you are! The idea sounds so fun! But honestly, I hate cardio so much and I hate running, it’s my least favorite workout! I think I would only do RunDisney because Disney would be the only motivator to me! But I love seeing your passion and enjoyment!

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