7 Ways to Fall in Love With Yourself This Valentine’s Day

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No matter what your relationship status is, I’m excited to share with you 7 ways to fall in love with yourself this Valentine’s Day.

A couple weeks ago at church, our pastor said something that really stuck with me. He said it much more eloquently, but basically when we talk poorly about ourselves, it’s as if we are taking a hammer to the image of God and shattering it. Because we were all made in His image, how dare we insult it! It made me pause because I’m quick to lift others up and even quicker to tear myself down. When I think about this, it certainly stops me in my tracks and makes me think twice about all the doubt and hate I throw onto myself.

The more I make it a habit to love EVERONE around me, not just my friends, the more I start to give myself the love I deserve. The older I get and the better vision I get of the path the Lord has created for me, I believe He’s really made it clear that I’m here to make others know how unconditionally loved they are by Him. But if I can’t embrace that first myself, then there’s no possible way for me to exude that to others.

Simply put, majority of single girls despise Valentine’s Day. It reminds them of their “singleness” and makes them feel unwanted. WELP that is silly, friends, because the way I see it, this is the best time to focus on ourselves and wherever else you think your priorities should be! Tomorrow, set these actions into motion and use these 7 ways to fall in love with yourself this Valentine’s Day:

Stop comparing yourself

Your appearance and accomplishments have nothing to do with what makes you great as a person. How much travel means nothing about your heart and the clothes you wear don’t make you better than someone else. Quit judging yourself based off these worldly treasures we’ve all come to covet because that’s not where your worth comes from. If you’re seeking satisfaction from them, you won’t be satisfied.

Spend time with the people you want – and if that’s only yourself, that’s OK!

I will likely be eating froyo by myself on my couch and I feel no shame about it. This should be a rule of thumb from here on out if it isn’t already, but stop hanging out with people who do not fill your cup! Additionally, don’t feel pressured to always be doing something with someone. As I’ve become more comfortable embracing my introverted-ness, I’ve accepted and come to love that I usually need to keep my Friday nights free so that I can go be alone after a long week. No reason to feel pressure to do anything else.

Be active

Spend time outside or go try out a new fitness class, you’ll likely meet some other cute gal pals doing this on Valentine’s Day too! Fitness classes are an awesome way to meet new friends and release those endorphins that will have you smiling for the rest of the day. While I love running, I always appreciate going on walks because I find myself thinking about topics that clearly needed attention. Do yourself a favor when you spend time being active and leave your phone at home so you can really be present.

Learn to forgive yourself

I’m sure I can’t be the only one out there who still regrets things I did several months ago, but there’s genuinely no point in beating yourself up and dwelling on something you can’t change anymore. If you forgive yourself and allow yourself the freedom to move on from whatever it is you’ve been holding onto, I promise you will feel a weight removed!

Practice setting clear boundaries

One of the best things we can do for ourselves is to know our worth (and who it comes from!) and value that worth. It’s fairly easy to get taken advantage of, whether it’s because we always feel pressure to say yes to friends, get roped in to projects out of our scope at work, etc., By practicing setting clear boundaries, you’re showing respect for yourself and also showing self-care. Start small, with a few no’s here and there that you would’ve previously never imagined saying no to even when you wanted to, and slowly build your courage up.

Start giving yourself meaningful compliments

I said it earlier, but our appearances are not where we should be finding our worth, so if the only nice compliment you’re saying to yourself is about your appearance, then you need to change that STAT! At the end of each day, think about something you did you’re really proud of that speaks to your character. Start making a list and on days you’re feeling down, turn to this list to remind yourself of the person you are.

Quit apologizing for who you are

Lastly, quit trying to be somebody you’re not. How can you love yourself when you’re waking up and putting on a mask daily? It gets exhausting and at some point, you will realize it’s not worth it. If your friends make you feel like you can’t be yourself, get new friends. If you can’t be yourself at work, maybe consider switching jobs. For me, there’s nothing worth hiding the person God created me to be and I’m much happier letting that person shine. Stop caring what others think about you because if they’re spending a long time judging you, chances are, they’re not worth a second thought.


Anyway, I hope these tips are a good starting point for you all to start loving yourself from here on out! What do you do to remind yourself how loved you are?

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