Meet Molly!

On a mission to live a happy and well-balanced life, while helping others fuel their joy through life’s littlest pleasures and biggest adventures.

Hi friend!

Welcome to Molly on the Move, a lifestyle + travel blog dedicated to providing you with ways to find your happy and live your best life. I’m Molly, and I am usually searching for color, constantly craving a sprinkle donut, probably plotting my next race and always dreaming about my next adventure.

Molly on the Move is all about loving yourself and encouraging you to find the joy in life every day. Here you’ll find foodie spots, travel destinations, workout inspiration, running advice, well-being posts and much more! I started Molly on the Move as a way to share with all of you what makes me smile in this busy, chaotic life and hope to spread some of that to my audience.

During the week, you can find me in Dallas working in Public Relations. On weekends, you can find me bopping from one place to another, either by foot, car or plane. I received a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies at Southern Methodist University in May 2016 and decided to stick around in this happenin’ city for a bit longer.

I hope this blog serves as a source of inspiration for you. Whether you strive to discover something new in your hometown, to take that trip you’ve always been wanting to, to sign up for your first race or something else altogether, my goal is that you leave here feeling a bit happier and walking a bit taller. I find my greatest hope and strength in the Lord. I’m often asked how I stay so positive and without a doubt, it is His light that is the reason I shine so bright!

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