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Life Lately | April 25

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Hello! Time to get a little more personal and share what’s up in my world lately. I never know how to start these because all I can think about is IT HAS BEEN SO LONG SINCE I HAVE DONE ONE OF THESE.   When I realized it’d been several months since I wrote my last…

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Tips for Taking Better Race Photos

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If you didn’t get a pic running the race, then did you really run it? Probs not. 😉 Which is why I am here to give you tips for taking better race photos!   Let’s be honest. You’re mid run and the last thing you want to do is think about looking good. I am saying…

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5 Great Spots for Food in Austin

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Each time I go to Austin, I discover new places I am obsessed with. I went this past weekend and wanted to share 5 great spots for food in Austin!   Sometimes, all it takes is one photo of a place and it is on my radar 100 percent. Luckily when this happens for anywhere…

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Got Me Goin’ Crazy | No. 7

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Spring has full on arrived and I will be going home for Easter in just a few days! I know I’m only 45 minutes away, but going home is still so special for me. I love having everyone in one place and getting to goof off completely. *Some of the links in this post contain…

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Where to Take the Best Photos in Disney World

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Even though our inner child comes out at Disney World, I know everyone still wants to get that perfect shot while there. Keep reading to find out where to take the best photos in Disney World.   I seriously love Disney World. Pixar and Disney princesses make me so happy and I am not afraid to…

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5 Easy and Healthy Recipes to Cook

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I am not the biggest fan of cooking, but wanted to talk about 5 easy and healthy recipes to cook because that is something we could all use more of!   When I moved into my first apartment in January, it was my first time living completely on my own (plus a roommate). I mean…

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  • Last day to get the magical unicorn drink from starbuckshellip
  • Needing more weekend time in coffee shops  Where ishellip
  • Told myself Id eat healthy today to start the weekhellip
  • TBH I really wanted latte art but they didnt havehellip
  • Rain rain go away  I got thoroughly soaked onhellip
  • Honestly all I want rn is a giant bowl ofhellip

Wow! Is this for real? Hot air balloon above ancient temples of Bagan, Myanmar. via
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