Favorite Posts of 2017

For my last post of 2017…..I’m rounding up my personal favorite posts of the year! While looking at analytics is an extremely important aspect to what I do, I didn’t want to pay a speck of attention to those when putting this post together. I went onto my site and looked at every single post […]

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What You Need (And Don’t Need) to Start a Blog

So many anniversaries this week! Well, really only two, but in addition to my first job year mark, I hit the two year mark on my blog and wanted to talk about what you need (and don’t need) to start a blog.   I receive a lot of emails asking for blogging help, but I […]

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YAY! You Attended a Conference. Now What?!

I attended Create + Cultivate a little over one month ago and believe there are certain things for you to do after a conference.   Networking is important no matter what your industry is, but I am confident it is one of the most crucial parts to being a blogger. You never know what connections […]

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Create + Cultivate Takeaways PLUS Reader Survey

The Create and Cultivate Conference empowers women to chase after their dreams by equipping them with inspiration and knowledge through panel discussions and breakout sessions in a group setting. I can’t wait to tell you all about everything I gained from the past Create and Cultivate Conference in New York City.   Create + Cultivate […]

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Instagram Tips I’ve Picked up Along the Way

Social media has completely changed the blogging game. I’m by no means any expert, but I wanted to share Instagram tips I have picked up along the way.   It’s kind of crazy to think about a time when social media didn’t come into play. Our friendships were probably much more simple and we didn’t […]

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New Look + 4 Ways to Know You’re Ready for a Blog Redesign

Oh hey there! Notice anything new around here? Molly on the Move has undergone a HUGE redesign; I’m going to walk you through what’s new as well as give you 4 ways to know you’re ready for a blog redesign.   I’ve read it a million times- don’t keep changing your logo, layout, etc. It […]

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Best Blogger Conferences to Attend

If you’re fortunate enough to have attended a blogger conference, you know how inspiring and beneficial they are which is why I am rounding up the best blogger conferences to attend!   A little over one year ago, I went to Create + Cultivate. I justified the price because it was in Dallas, so I […]

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10 Lessons I Learned in my First Year of Blogging

Y’ALL, I can’t believe I have been blogging for one year now! Not only did this year go by way fast in general, but it is seriously crazy that I started this blog just one year ago. After trying a couple times to start one and giving up, I decided to put my ideas to […]

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Favorite Instagram Accounts

Contrary to popular belief, I do not spend that much time on Instagram. Oh yes, I am very active on the social media phenomena, but as soon as I post a picture, I am off and jumping right into my next activity before I let myself be sucked into the never-ending scrolling. When I do […]

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My Create + Cultivate Dallas 2016 Experience

I attended Create + Cultivate, a conference for digital entrepreneurs and creatives, held at Lofty Spaces close to Downtown Dallas on Saturday and am bursting with an overload of joy, knowledge and inspiration after a jam-packed 12-hour day. Sold out with over 400 women attendees, big name speakers such as the co-founders of Soul Cycle, […]

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