Instagram Tips I’ve Picked up Along the Way

Social media has completely changed the blogging game. I’m by no means any expert, but I wanted to share Instagram tips I have picked up along the way.   It’s kind of crazy to think about a time when social media didn’t come into play. Our friendships were probably much more simple and we didn’t […]

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New Look + 4 Ways to Know You’re Ready for a Blog Redesign

Oh hey there! Notice anything new around here? Molly on the Move has undergone a HUGE redesign; I’m going to walk you through what’s new as well as give you 4 ways to know you’re ready for a blog redesign.   I’ve read it a million times- don’t keep changing your logo, layout, etc. It […]

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Best Blogger Conferences to Attend

If you’re fortunate enough to have attended a blogger conference, you know how inspiring and beneficial they are which is why I am rounding up the best blogger conferences to attend!   A little over one year ago, I went to Create + Cultivate. I justified the price because it was in Dallas, so I […]

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10 Lessons I Learned in my First Year of Blogging

Y’ALL, I can’t believe I have been blogging for one year now! Not only did this year go by way fast in general, but it is seriously crazy that I started this blog just one year ago. After trying a couple times to start one and giving up, I decided to put my ideas to […]

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Favorite Instagram Accounts

Contrary to popular belief, I do not spend that much time on Instagram. Oh yes, I am very active on the social media phenomena, but as soon as I post a picture, I am off and jumping right into my next activity before I let myself be sucked into the never-ending scrolling. When I do […]

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My Create + Cultivate Dallas 2016 Experience

I attended Create + Cultivate, a conference for digital entrepreneurs and creatives, held at Lofty Spaces close to Downtown Dallas on Saturday and am bursting with an overload of joy, knowledge and inspiration after a jam-packed 12-hour day. Sold out with over 400 women attendees, big name speakers such as the co-founders of Soul Cycle, […]

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