9 Things to do Every Day

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I know we are all busy and have a to-do list a million miles long, but in my opinion, there are 9 things you need to do every day. I want to tell you all about them and why I think they’re important!   I always use the excuse that I am “too busy” and…

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healthy | tips for being healthy | healthy new year

Tips to Kick Off a Healthy New Year

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You hear it every year: “this year I want to be healthier.” Y’all. Does this mean physically? Emotionally? Diet wise? I used to make a resolution like that every year, but it wasn’t until I started focusing on what I really meant that I was able to achieve my “healthy” goals.   Take a second and…

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healthy | healthy during the holidays | sick | holiday sickness

Staying Healthy During the Holidays

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One of my favorite parts about the holidays is all the excitement in the air. I feel like people’s spirits are generally lifted and everyone is a bit happier. With the excitement comes an increased flurry of activity. And with that activity arrives the unavoidable sickness. Maybe you fall under the weather for just a…

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tough times | coping with tough times

Coping With Tough Times

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As we grow older, we start to experience hardships more frequently. No matter what this is in your life, I am giving you tips for coping with tough times.   About a week and a half ago I heard some news that absolutely broke my heart. It left me feeling confused, upset, angry; I honestly felt…

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how to be intentional about your friendships

How to be Intentional About Your Friendships

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I’ll be the first to admit that I am a horrible texter. Text me at noon and you can expect to hear from me sometime around 3:00 or 4:00 pm, and that’s if you’re lucky; unless, of course, you catch me on a really good day and I respond within the hour, in which case I…

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six simple ways to de-stress

6 Simple Ways to De-Stress This Holiday Season

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While the holidays bring out bundles of cheer, delight and all around joy, they also cause a lot of stress. For us college students, it means work piled practically a mile high and one semester closer to graduation. For so many others, it means finding the perfect gift, hosting the flawless holiday party and cooking…

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