Where to Find the Most Delicious Tacos in Dallas

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Taco Tuesday? More like taco everyday! I’ve rounded up where to find the most delicious taco in Dallas, TX and you better believe that they are all outta this world freakin’ fantastic!   My family has one very strong memory of a family vacation that poorly delivered on what we love so much about Texas,…

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Top 12 Healthy Restaurants in Dallas

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A major food city in the U.S., Dallas is comprised of some of the best meals I’ve eaten and I want to tell you about my top 12 healthy restaurants in Dallas that are waiting for you!   Leading a healthy lifestyle calls for balance. Most people try to abide by the 80/20 rule- eating…

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Foodie Friday: November Edition

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Dallas has new places popping up every week and I made it a point to try a few of the new ones this month! My motto used to always be eat healthy when eating at home and then eat whatever when eating out, but I should probably re-think that considering how often I go out to…

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foodie friday

Foodie Friday: October Edition

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Foodie Friday is BACK, everyone! This time though, I’m putting a different spin on it. Rather than having these delicious posts be every Friday, they’ll be once a month with a compilation of my favorite meals from the entire month. Let me know what you think of this idea; I think this will be the perfect…

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foodie friday el tizoncito

Foodie Friday: El Tizoncito

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Place: El Tizoncito Location: 5150 Lemmon Avenue St. 111 Dallas, TX 75209 Ordered: Chicharron de Queso, Pastor Tacos, Bistec Quesadilla Another week, another Tex-Mex meal. Can you ever grow tired of tacos, really? I will answer that for you…no, no you cannot. This week I went to El Tizoncito per recommendation from a friend and…

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foodie friday dos jefes

Foodie Friday: Dos Jefes

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Place: Dos Jefes Location: 2816 Fairmount St, Dallas, TX 75201 Ordered: “La Catrina” Day of the Dead, Quesadilla Rodado When I saw photos of Dos Jefes, I knew I had to go to this place. The busy prints, bright colors and palm trees did the trick and on in I went. I didn’t even know…

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Foodie Friday: Meddlesome Moth

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Place: Meddlesome Moth Location: 1621 Oak Lawn Ave, Dallas, TX 75207 Ordered: Sticky Buns, Maple Whiskey Donut, Badass Bacon Waffle A trendy location in the Dallas Design District, I finally ventured over to the Meddlesome Moth for brunch this past Sunday and am stuck wondering why in tarnation it took me so long to get there.…

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foodie friday ida claire

Foodie Friday: Ida Claire

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Place: Ida Claire Location: 5001 Belt Line Rd, Dallas, TX 75254 Ordered: The Hurricane, Fried Green Tomatoes, Turkey and Dumplings Biscuit Ida Claire: the most wonderful mixture of whimsy, color and funky atmosphere. With southern influenced meals, Ida Claire will charm you with its vintage feel and top-notch dishes. Come hungry to this delightful joint, as one…

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Foodie Friday: Super Chix

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Place: Super Chix Location: 14999 Preston Rd. #226 Dallas, TX Ordered: Chicken Tenders, French Fries, Chocolate Custard Raising Cane’s. Chick-fil-a. Chicken Express. Now Super Chix. Waltz on up to this casual counter to place your order and take a seat in the white, black and yellow adorned space. Coming upon their one year anniversary in…

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foodie friday joy macarons

Foodie Friday: JOY Macarons

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Name: JOY Macarons Location: 839 W Davis St., Dallas, TX 75208 Ordered: Chocolate Strawberry, Almond, Salted Caramel I read this name with an emphasis on the joy because of the all caps and honestly, that little burst of enthusiasm is exactly what this place deserves. JOY Macarons will leave you with the utmost feeling of…

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