A Day Trip to Viñales, Cuba

While I loved Havana, our time outside the city was a big highlight, which is why I want to talk about our day trip to Viñales, Cuba from Havana! Since writing this post, Cuba has tragically been hit by Hurricane Irma and I know that Viñales is not the same as it once was. I […]

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Cuba Snapshots

I have SO. MANY. PHOTOS. from my trip to Cuba one month ago and while I love sharing them sporadically on Instagram, I had a feeling I would never get around to sharing all of them there. I included a few favorites in my posts about what you need to know before going to Cuba and what to […]

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What to do in Havana, Cuba

Now that I talked about everything to know before going, I wanted to talk about all the fun stuff: what to do in Havana, Cuba!   Cuba was unlike any other place I have been before and I think that was one of the reasons I loved it so much. The only place comparable to […]

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12 Important Things to Know Before Going to Cuba

It’s still a fairly recent change that Americans can head to Cuba for vacation, which is why I want to highlight 12 important things to know before going to Cuba.   Ever since President Obama changed the policy, Cuba had been at the top of my list for travel. I’d seen photos of the 50s […]

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