Favorite Family Christmas Traditions

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One of the greatest parts of the holidays are the traditions that have been built upon it. Below are my favorite family Christmas traditions!

Christmas makes my heart so happy. I love getting to be with my family, I love celebrating the birth of sweet baby Jesus and I love all the joyous spirits that are in the air. The decorations are personally my favorite out of any holiday throughout the year and I mean, we can’t neglect the music because Justin Bieber’s album is truly solid gold. With the element of surprise and wonder that it always brings, comes the feeling of contentment and nostalgia because so much of this holiday is built on what we have been doing since we were little kids.

While we’ve certainly stopped filming every single Christmas (thank goodness!), a lot of what we do around Christmastime is what we have been doing since before I can even remember! Our advent calendar gets put out December 1 and you sure as heck better believe that I am still the one to put Jesus in the manager because I am the youngest child. Truly, some things never change and that’s part of what makes the traditions so fun to think back on and smile.

I CANNOT wait for Christmas this year and am excited to talk a bit more about my very favorite family Christmas traditions:

Christmas Eve service and watching Elf on Christmas Eve

We don’t have a set time we will go to a church service, but singing Christmas songs and hymns is always a highlight for me. If we go to a later service, I adore the candlelight services because I think they are such a beautiful reminder that Jesus is the Light of the World! Next up comes Elf and we have to remind everyone not to quote along the entire time because we all know every.single.word. In our opinion, it’s one of the greatest Christmas movies in existence and never gets old.

Walking down the stairs in birth order

This is a silly one (the rest of them probably are too, actually, lolz) but this has been set in stone since all three of us could walk. Best part about it is though, that my sister is the oldest and has to be in the back even though she is the smallest. Naturally this caused issues when we were dramatic teenagers, but it’s a known element of Christmas now that I technically get to see all the presents first, haha!

Opening presents one by one

I am weird, but I always LOVE seeing what other people get for Christmas and even really enjoy listening to what people are asking for. For this reason, I love that we go around one by one opening our presents. Siblings first and then my parents go! Kids give each other their presents on Christmas Eve, so Christmas Day presents are all from “Santa” and my parents.


It would not be Christmas without coffee cake. I genuinely don’t know what I’d do without a slice of coffee cake waiting for me! My mom knows this and the year she couldn’t find our coffee cake, she went to multiple stores before finding the right brand.

Stockings first, of course

First thing we do when coming down those stairs in birth order is open up our stockings. I am a trinkets person and love little goodies, so I always love the fun knick-knacks in our stockings. We’ve had the same stockings since forever, too!

Even though they may not seem like anything that out-of-the-ordinary, it’s these little things that make me love Christmas so much with my family! Now I expect y’all to share some of your traditions with me!

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