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first apartment essentials
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Whether it is in college or right after, moving into your first apartment is a BIG DEAL! I’m giving you your first apartment checklist to ensure you don’t forget a thing. Also, although I wish that gorgeous building was my apartment, it most definitely is not.


I lived in the dorms or Greek housing during my four years at SMU and while I wouldn’t trade any of that for anything, moving into an apartment this January definitely brought a lot of challenges I’d never experienced before.


Before moving out of my home in Fort Worth, I kept joking with my mom that I’d have to spend all my free time I would now have on cooking and cleaning. Now I realize that was no joke, but is actually so true…


I spend a lot more time now on meal prep and cleaning the apartment then I ever expected! I mean honestly, why should you have to clean a bathtub when it is what helps you get clean?!


Since I was starting from ground zero, my roommate and I had to figure out everything we would need. Obviously a couch, chairs, dining table, etc. were all on the list, but there were definitely more than a few items I didn’t realize I took for granted that my parents just had around!


For example, I was ready to make one of my favorite recipes and realized we did not own a can opener. I was already mid-recipe and didn’t want to stop. Let’s just say it was a great way to meet some of my neighbors 😉


You might already have some of these items and if so, great! Take note of what you don’t have and start to fill the void. Below is my first apartment checklist:

first apartment checklist


Purchasing all of this costs a lot of money. I am going to be up front about that. We paid a lot since we started from ground zero basically, and if you’re in the same position I was, I want to help you find some of the most affordable goods. I found a lot of great deals at Container Store, Target, Ikea and Amazon and am linking some of my favorites below at incredible prices!


Slowly, but surely, your apartment will start to come together!

What do you consider an essential for someone moving into their first apartment? 



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