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Despite what my family thinks, I actually DO like Fort Worth, which is why I wanted to finally put together a post with a few of my Fort Worth favorites!

I chuckled the other day because someone from out of town was asking me about the area and she thought Dallas-Fort Worth was the name of one city. She’d flown into DFW airport and wasn’t clear that they are, in fact, two completely separate cities with very different personalities. I laughed because most people from the area would be appalled to hear that someone might think Dallas and Fort Worth are the same. There’s always been some sort of competition between Dallas and Fort Worth, but the two are so different I don’t think there needs to be!

In recent years, Fort Worth has really upped its game. I’ll admit that I didn’t used to be the biggest fan of good ol’ Cowtown, but every time I come home, something substantial has popped up. Fancy new shopping centers, artsy murals, delicious restaurants, you name it, Fort Worth has got it! You probably won’t find me at a few Fort Worth staples (Billy Bob’s? No thanks!), but I’ve got a few other favorite areas I’m sure not to miss. Keep reading for my Fort Worth favorites!

Molly on the Move Guide to Fort Worth, Modern Art Museum, What to do in Fort Worth by Molly on the Move

Modern Art Museum

Fort Worth has a great selection of museums to check out, but if you were to visit only one, I would strongly encourage you to stop by the Modern Art Museum. The museum itself is beautiful and there’s always a neat exhibit in addition to the collections always there.

Molly on the Move Guide to Fort Worth

Taco Heads

YUUUUUM. I wanted to steer clear of listing too many restaurants on this list because I plan to write a different post with my favorite places to eat in Fort Worth, but I just had to include Taco Heads. Their chips and queso are my everything, and I can’t help but take a picture of their adorable taco mural every single time I’m there. I’m obsessed, y’all!

Molly on the Move Guide to Fort Worth

Magnolia Area

This is the “hipster” area in my mind, and also home to a few of my favorite restaurants. If you like bakeries, you need to stop in Stir Crazy Baked Goods. Melt is a fan favorite and Instagram staple with its iconic bright yellow wall. If you need a meal, I highly recommend Brewed or Cane Rosso right next door for pizza. Molly on the Move Guide to Fort Worth


This is a newer shopping and eating area in Fort Worth, but it has so much to offer! I’m a big fan of the adorable boutique Dear Hannah, which has the cutest selection of party baubles and stylish outfits. This area also includes a Dry Bar and Warby Parker! Plus, the mural in the parking garage is bright and huge, so you can even get a picture out of your trip.
Molly on the Move Guide to Fort Worth

The Shops at Clearfork

Visiting during Christmastime was my first chance to actually see this newer spot! I love the Clearfork area because it’s home to one of my favorite restaurants, Press Café, but if you’re wanting to do some shopping while in the Fort, this is the place to go! I couldn’t pass up buying macarons from Joy Macarons, and definitely did solid window shopping along the way. Molly on the Move Guide to Fort Worth

The Foundry District

Whenever I need photos while at home, my first thought is to always head to The Foundry District. Here you’ll find colorful murals, bright sidewalks and fun alleys. There’s not much to do in this area besides take photos, but I know a lot of people love finding fun spots like this so I wanted to include it! Molly on the Move Guide to Fort Worth

Craftwork Coffee Co.

A few years ago, Fort Worth had absolutely zero cool coffee shops to go to. I love camping out in coffee shops to crank out my work, so as soon as they started popping up, I was in heaven. This was one of the first I started visiting and they now have two locations! The first is on Camp Bowie and the other is in the Magnolia area I mentioned earlier. Molly on the Move Guide to Fort Worth


I’ve loved Beehive since their first location and seeing them expand makes me so happy! Their funky clothes always bring a smile to my face; additionally, the jewelry they sell is some of the cutest and most affordable throughout town. They have locations in Austin and Houston as well, so be sure to check them out if you’re in one of those cities. Molly on the Move Guide to Fort Worth

Trinity Trails

Something I’ll always envy about Fort Worth when I’m in Dallas is the running trail, the Trinity Trails! I know we have White Rock Lake in Dallas, but I’m obsessed with the Trinity Trails since it’s right along the river and passes a lot of fun Fort Worth spots, like Clearfork and WestBend.

If you have the opportunity to pop over to Fort Worth even for a day trip, you should totally go! And let me know if you do because there’s a lot more I didn’t include 🙂

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