Gift Guide for the Traveler

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Don’t let those jet setters in your life hop on a plane after Christmas without a thoughtful gift from you. This guide will help you come up with the perfect gift!

Gathering gifts for a traveler was so much fun since I’ve been doing a fair amount of travel this year. I put a lot of thought into what items I know I would find useful and included a range of item prices, as well. Now, jet set go!

Calpak Luggage 

I use Calpak for both my carry-on suitcase and the bags I check. I LOVE how durable they are, how chic they all look and how easy they are to get around.

Ray Ban Sunglasses

This retro pair of sunglasses will go with every outfit and will always look good.

New Balance Shoes

How fun is this design and color combo?! Thank goodness tennis shoes and cute outfits are back in style. These are perfect for wandering around and getting happily lost.

Wireless Headphones 

Wires always get in the way when boarding planes, so these wireless headphones would come in handy to drown out all the noise and stay hands free!

Wash & Wear Travel Bag Set

The worst is getting all your clean and dirty clothes mixed up, which is why these adorable bags will save the day for the traveler.

Wrap Scarf 

PLANES ARE FREEZING. A cute scarf is a must!

Passport Holder 

I’ve honestly had my eyes on this passport holder for a long time. The script, color and saying are perfect for the gal who has caught the wanderlust bug.


The best way to remember memories from a trip is by writing it down old school style. These Anthropologie notebooks are a steal!

Water Bottle 

Being practical is the most important part when it comes to travel, especially when it relates to consuming water. My Nalgene never fails me.

Bucket List Book 

Finally, inspire your traveling friend to take even more adventurous trips with this amazing book!

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