Got Me Goin’ Crazy | No. 16

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New year, same series! I’m excited to be continuing these posts into 2018 and hope you guys continue to enjoy reading them.

I shared a few of my resolutions for this year in this post, but as the first week of the year progressed, I realized I wanted to accomplish more and more. I know in order to stay on track of what I’m really hoping to succeed in, I need to break them the larger categories into smaller goals along the way. I broke all my resolutions into bigger categories so that I could focus on a few overarching themes and from there, I thought about what I can do weekly and monthly in order to feel like I’ve met my goals by the end of the year.

I’m still feeling a bit scrambled and trying to get into a new rhythm, but taking pressure off myself to “have it altogether” just because it’s a new year. There have been a few changes that I’ll be covering soon in a life update post…be sure to subscribe at the bottom of the post to my email list if you haven’t already! Here’s what has got me going crazy at the moment:

100 Days to Brave

This devotional was one of my Christmas gifts and I’m SO excited to get started! The author, Annie F. Downs, has pulled together her favorite verses on courage and paired them with thought-provoking questions and commentary about how we are all braver than we know and God has called us to be brave. It has twelve different categories such as brave enough to be you, brave enough to be where you are, brave enough to work hard, and I can’t way to see how the Lord speaks to me through this book.


Vixit Magazine

Vixit magazine is an online magazine designed specifically for female online entreprenuers and influencers. I’m SO honored to be featured in the first issue of this magazine (skip to that part here), but included it because it contains countless valuable information for women in the digital space. I read it cover-to-cover one night and walked away knowing way more than I did beforehand. I can’t wait for the next issue!

Madewell Textured Carpet Scarf

I generally only wear one scarf during the wintertime, so I’m v pumped to introduce a new one to my wardrobe for numerous reasons. I bought this one with my Christmas money and have been wearing it religiously since. The colors work well with, let’s be real, all the other colors in my wardrobe, and it’s extremely warm too. It comes in one other print too!

Yoga by Candace 

I am really hoping I can get myself to become a ~yogi~ in 2018, and while I definitely want to start going to a studio, I haven’t had the chance to figure all of that out yet. Instead, I’ve tried a few different YouTube channels and recently I’ve loved this channel. You can pick videos based on length and each time frame includes a great variety of videos to pick from. It’s still not the first thing I want to do when I wake up, but after I do it I’m sure glad I did!


What are you loving at the start of this year?


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